Recent Publications

We explore the use of Large Language Model (LLM-based) chatbots to power recommender systems. We observe that the chatbots respond …

Disaggregated evaluation is a central task in AI fairness assessment, with the goal to measure an AI system’s performance across …

Recent claims about the impressive abilities of large language models (LLMs) are often supported by evaluating publicly available …

Restless multi-armed bandits are often used to model budget-constrained resource allocation tasks where receipt of the resource is …

Restless and collapsing bandits are often used to model budget-constrained resource allocation in settings where arms have …

Crowdworker-constructed natural language inference (NLI) datasets have been found to contain statistical artifacts associated with the …

Scientists construct and analyze computational models to understand the world. That understanding comes from efforts to augment, …

Selected Projects


An open-source NLP framework for clinical phenotyping.

Extraction and graph-based representation of scientific model components for the purpose of metamodel generation.

An Ethereum-based prototype platform to facilitate patient-directed provider-to-provider record sharing.

PyTorch-based pipeline to use CNNs to detect and localize the 14 thoracic pathologies present in the NIH Chest X-ray dataset.


Jun 2023 – Sep 2023

Summer Researcher, Augmented Learning and Reasoning group

Microsoft Research

Sep 2022 – Feb 2023

Student Researcher, Responsible AI team

Google Research

Jun 2022 – Sep 2022

Summer Researcher, FATE group

Microsoft Research

May 2021 – Aug 2021

Summer Research Scientist

Amazon Robotics

Aug 2019 – Present
College Park, MD

CS PhD Student | Graduate Research Assistant

University of Maryland, College Park

Jan 2017 – Aug 2019
Atlanta, GA

Research Scientist, HPC and Data Analytics Branch

Georgia Tech Research Institute

Aug 2015 – Jan 2017
Bethesda, MD

Research Associate, Health Data Analytics

Econometrica, Inc.

Jan 2015 – Jul 2015
Washington, DC

Graduate Research Assistant

U.S. Department of the Treasury, Office of Financial Research

Aug 2012 – Aug 2014
Washington, DC

Research Analyst, Latin America

Frontier Strategy Group